Thursday, December 17, 2009

This is JARI (pronounced Jerry - it's all 4 of our initials)...he is our very own Elf on the Shelf. He is a magical elf that works with Santa (we can't touch him though or he will lose his magic powers). He sits up on the shelf and observes our family all day, then reports back to Santa at night. Upon his return each morning, he is located in a different place of the house, so when it's breakfast time we spend it looking for Jari. However, our Jari is a bit mischievous at times, he has hung underwear's on the tree, taken our Angel from the top of said tree and took over her spot, and even mix matches all our shoes. If you ask me, I think he might even know where all the lost socks and gloves are. It's been fun having Jari around this holiday season.

Isabella had her annual Christmas dance performance. It was really cute and she looked as though she was having some fun.

We have had our fist official snow day of the this school year. We of course had to get outside and play in followed with lots of cocoa and marshmallows.

It's been a few busy weeks for Isabella. She also had her school's annual Christmas program. It again was really cute and all the kids did such a great job.

Then no season would be complete with out a visit to Santa. Isabella loved him this year and kept touching his beard. When Jacob was asked what he wanted from Santa he told him to surprise him.

As for the rest of our year, well we have plenty of things going on, a few more really good work outs to end this year with a bang, Robb will be home for a few days of vacation to enjoy, Isabella is hosting a luncheon and cookie decorating party for some her friends, Jacob has a few more days of school to finish out his first half of first grade, Bakapalooza, couple of cookie parties for the kids, and time for sharing with family and friends.