Monday, March 30, 2009

My old man is gettting old....

Nooooo - Just joking Robb! This past weekend we spent the weekend celebrating Robb's birthday. It was a great weekend.

Started on Friday with a date night and having two other couples joining us for what could possibly be the best dinner I have had in years. Seriously, it was a great restaurant, wonderful company, and great time had by all.

Robb wanted to spend the day Saturday with the family, so the kids made him breakfast of his choice - Egg's Benedict. Then we played the entire day. The kids made him his cake of choice - Chocolate Mayo cake with cream cheese frosting from scratch. Great little bakers they are. We ended the night with making Sushi night. It was a lot fun, yummy, and the kids ate great.

Oh yea, forgot to mention the snow and ice storm that occured on Saturday.

Then we ended the weekend off with a BBQ with friends and family at the house. The snow melted, Robb smoked some Pork Loin, and we had a fantastic time.

Great weekend!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Karate Tournament and more....

Hmmmm, been a busy time here. Looks like it might actually be spring, so we are enjoying some wonderful time outside. We even unpacked a box or two, hung a couple more pictures, sorted the garage AGAIN, started baseball season, and attended our first karate tournament.

Jacob participated in his first karate tournament today. He participated in the strongest punch, strongest kick, fastest kick, fasted punch, and a stanger danger drill. He did fantastic. He got one silver medal and 4 golds. He was so excited. You couldn't wipe the smile off his sweet face. Then Isabella was our resident cheerleader. She kept yelling 'go Jacob, go Jacob' amongst the 200 kids.

Great times and great fun.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top of the O' Day to ya!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

We woke up this morning to what we can only assume was a pesky little Leprechaun. He ransacked the place and turned our milk green (the entire gallon). It's crazy!

Jacob thinks that he came in the middle of the night to look for gold. Since there isn't any here, he got mad and turned our milk green and the place upside down.

Isabella thinks he went next door after our house.

Then Jacob discovered the green chocolate muffins that were left behind, therefore, they both enjoyed having that little pesky guy visit our house while they were sleeping.


Monday, March 02, 2009

Missed you....

Opps! It's been awhile, sorry! Robb has spent the better part of the last several weeks out of town, so I think maybe we just went into autopilot.

Hmmmm - what have we been doing? So busy, no unpacking has happened but can't think of what we actually have been doing with our time. I think maybe it's denial -lack of willingness to work anymore on the unpacking. Did you know a box could be a desk, a table, holds lamps, books, and even a toy bin.

Well - let's see, Chinese New Year came and went. Valentines was busy. Both kids had parties at school and came home with more candy than anyone needed. But had fun. We spent the day as a family and made pizza's at home. Then the next weekend, Robb and I went on a real date. Dinner and a movie. It was fun and yummy. The kids have had a few birthday parties to attend, we hosted a family brunch, had some girlfriends over for Margarita's, a few kiddo play dates, went to a wonderful musical, saw a few movies on day off from school days, attended parent teacher conference, and we can't forget our weekly activities we are involved in. I think we are just just busy pluggin' away at our routine. Meanwhile, waitin' for Spring.

Our dining room chairs came in and while Jacob and I were away at a birthday party, Isabella helped dad be a 'worker guy'.

This is what our front yard looked like just this past Friday....yep, geese eating and having fun in the nice warm weather.

Then we woke up Saturday morning to snow and watched it snow most of the day. This is Isabella's first time sledding. She loved it. I kept hearing her scream with laughter.

Jacob didn't want to come in - EVER!

I think Robb said we got 6 inches. So, of course we had to play outside. The kids had the greatest time.