Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring is a Flinggin' here...

Hip, hip, hooray! Spring has sprung here in the Midwest. We have a fantastic sunny day and pull out the flip flops, things are starting to turn a bit green, then we have to get out our rain coats, think about where to go for Tornadoes, and look for our long sleeves again. It's my absolute most favorite season of the year. I love it.

We have been busy looking at our mound of a lot dreaming of what is soon to come....a place to hang our hats and call home. We can't wait.

We have gone out and flown a kite a two at the park.

We also attended my Grandparents 63rd wedding anniversary.

Aren't they just the most perfect bride and groom?

WOW - 63 years. It's just amazing to me. There families new each other their entire lives but they didn't really know each other. Then they dated for two weeks, got married and off to war he went. Where he flew something like 20 missions in a gunner plane and she stayed home supporting the war and was a seamstress. 63 years and 4 kids, 7 grandchildren, and 14 great grandchildren later they are still here going strong. In fact, he still calls her his bride. I love that word. They are like newlyweds and for sure I can learn a thing or two.

Thanks for the inspiration grandma and grandpa. I have really big shoes to fill.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Home Sweet Home...

Amen - Hallelujah - Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus!

9 Months of house shopping every weekend = $1.00
Countless hours of drawing up the perfect house = $2.00
Gas looking at houses and lots/property = $4,387.42

Signing your life away (or the next 30 years income)- Priceless!


We have a contract to build a house. It's a lovely 2-story that we had some plans from a builder and turned it to our own 'Shangri La'. A drawing of the house in above photo.

Contract signed....Closing in October..........hanging our hats by Thanksgiving.

Can't ask for a much better weekend.

40 and lovin' it!

Robb celebrate his 40th birthday with family and friends. The kids were at the YMCA for an evening of fun and we went out to dinner like adults. We had yummy, yummy adult food, ate with two hands, had no spilt milks and a great dessert to boot. All in all it was a successful evening.

For his 40th Birthday gift, his brothers and a friend will be joining Robb at a premiere car show in August in Pebble Beach, CA called the Concours d'Elegance. It's something Robb has always wanted to do and I have been researching it for 8 months. I decided it would be more fun if he went on a wife free, kid free, guys weekend instead of family in tow. So I went looking for some people that he would have a great time with.

After wiping the tears and hanging last years Concours Program (which I framed for him) on the "Shangri La's" walls....he has been on the phone and at the computer doing research.

I would say SUCCESS and a Happy Birthday was had by all.