Monday, April 27, 2009

Run Forest, RUN!

WOW – seems like I start most of our blog posts…but that’s all I can say about 2009…’s right up there with Rock Star status! Okay, okay, maybe not ROCK STAR yet, but it certainly is SUPER STAR!

Set out a few goals for this year and am hitting some of them…..and feelin’ really good. They weren’t impossible things, but stayin’ on track is tough. One of my goals was to turn 40….well, I did that one. I know, it was coming regardless if I wanted it to or now, but on January 1 when we wrote our goals down, I needed at least one to be able to check off the list at the end of the year.

Another one for me was to sign up for a race (not to run but possibly walk and jog it), set a time limit to finish, and of course FINISH it. Let’s back track a bit, if you know me…you know I am not a runner, you know I am not of an ideal weight, hell, as of January 1, I wasn’t even physically active (although working on that one and discovering, I might be liking it)….

Well, this past Saturday was the Trolley Run. It’s a 4 mile race that benefits the visually impaired in our local town. WOW! I have such an admiration for runners, hell, even fitness walkers. That is some tough work and if memory serves me the first woman to cross the finish did it in less than 21 minutes – that is 5.25 minutes a mile. WOW!

Turned out to be a great, great, day….no rain, wasn’t to terribly hot, and had a slight breeze every so often. IT WAS AWESOME! I DID IT! I finished. I even beat my personal time goal by almost 7 minutes. I am so darn excited. Did the race with 3 other girl friends…all of whom are not runners, trying something new…and we all did it. I am so damn proud of these girls. So, because of that, we are doing a 5k on Mother’s Day. Still decided I am not a runner, but am going to do these sorts of things from time to time to keep it interesting. YEAH US!

Last week was also ‘take your child’ to work day. So, Jacob went to work with Robb in the morning. As you can imagine with the sense of creativity that Jacob has, we had to do everything just like dad, the ‘worker guy’. From dressing like dad, had to have coffee (albeit hot chocolate) in a to-go cup, blackberry on his belt, and ID card to get in the building, and a pen on his shirt. He insisted that he also went out to lunch for business talk. So, Robb being the great dad he obliged…and I even got invited to said luncheon. We talked business, and it was great seeing them interact with one another.

Last, but certainly not least…Isabella had her first Soccer game. The girls were so cute. She had so much fun. Although, I think she is in it for the gear, because she posed for the camera way to many times as the ball would go right by her. She even told us last night her favorite part of the entire weekend was Soccer Day.

So, this week....SUCESS, FUN, ADVENTURES, and lookin' forward to the next. Until next time....ENJOY!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where oh where have we been!

Wow - Can't believe it's been a whoppin' 23 days since we last met. Way to long, but a lotta fun goin on.

Hmmmm, let's see...we left with Robb's birthday!

We spent Spring Break in the lovely state of Colorado. Visited with Friends and Family and did a lot of firsts. We played tourists for a couple days, played golf a couple of days, took in some skiing for a couple of days (our first time ever with the exception of Robb) and then did a bit of retail therapy. Loved skiing and can't wait to go again and next time I am going to try snow boarding. Great Spring Break was had by all.

Got home just in time for Easter. We were dying eggs at 10:00 PM Easter Eve. Everyone was wired from our long trip home, so we had some fun. Easter day was a quite one for us this year, unpacking, laundry, cleaning, and preparing to get back on track, but we made a nice family dinner and enjoyed each other's company. Oh yea, the Easter Bunny did find us at our new house.

Somewhere along the line, I turned the big 4-0! I went kickin and screamin'. We were in Colorado on the actual day. It was some great fun, surrounded by family and lots and lots of yummy food. I got lots of cards and phone calls from friends back home. Then last weekend went out on date night to celebrate again with lots of friends and their hubbies.....all I can say is.....GREATEST TIME EVER - OMG - We laughed so hard, drank way, way, too much (probably been 10 years since I have seen a room spin), danced anywhere our feet would take us, a little karaoke with our thumbs, and stayed out way, way, too late. Fun times - and can't wait to do it again. With friends like you all, I would do it again in a minute and am looking forward to the next 40 years. Not to bad being 40 - seriously, I have done some great things in 2009 and it's going to be a great year. What's next, maybe a tattoo, a piercing, how about blue hair? Who knows!

Been makin' a lot of changes and doing a lot of firsts in our house and it's been fantastic. Everyone is happier, enjoying life, and even getting some relaxing done. Not takin' things so serious. It's all good.

Jacob is on his first baseball team. He is doing so well and loves it. We went to the batting cages last week for some practice and he did so well. WOW! Where did that little boy go.

Isabella is on a soccer team and can't wait to go. She calls it her baseball practice. We have (2) rain out days, so she doesn't really understand it all as of yet....but she is excited.

Robb is busy working hard at work. He plays on the weekend with his lawn, in his garage, and now his boat. Yep, I said it....BOAT. It's a small family touring boat that his grandfather made in the 80's. New hobby and everyone can't be more excited.

As I mentioned above, I am doing well. Busy, busy, busy, makes me happy, happy, happy.

Stay tuned for all our adventures and firsts coming stuff, birthday to celebrate, baseball games, soccer games, and more.