Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer has begun...

Summer has begun here. Not really a lot to report.

Jacob is having fun in Kindergarten Summer School and we play taxi cab running him back and forth to the bus stop.

Isabella and I spend our days picking out stuff for the house and then coming home and researching everything we looked at all day long. So many choices, so many colors, and so much to learn. I am loving it.

We have a floor in the house. Bring over your tap shoes and lets have some fun. We are hoping to see some framing happening soon.

Hope you are enjoying the summer and eating lots of Popsicles.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Birthday, Pizza, Fun, Walks, and Flooring - OH MY!

We have been busy having some Summer Fun. Last week Isabella turned 3. I just can't wrap my hands around our children being 3 and 5. Where does the time go? We put together and quick party for her, as we have been so busy, the planning just didn't happen. However, it turned out great. We met some of our friends during the week at a local pizza joint and the kids got to make their own pizza's while the moms got to enjoy a nice lunch. It was a lot of fun. Dad surprised us and showed up during his lunch hour to enjoy some pizza right along with us. You will notice the corsage pinned to her brought that with him to surprise Isabella. She was so cute. You could not wipe that smile off her face. She new it was a special day and loved all the attention. After the party we went home for naps and while I was putting her down, she kept saying, 'mama, they all came to my party'.



We have also been busy with our local annual Walk for Hope. It's a fun walk that is done each year, this year marking the 10th...and the walk helps raise money for International Orphanages. In the 10 years that this has been happening, our little community has raised over $100,000.00. This years theme was the Olympics and Isabella started the walk off carrying the touch.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh! This one is a secret. This is what we do while Jacob is at school. We play dress up. But we can't let him know how much fun we have or he will want to join us. Jacob started Kindergarten Summer School. He goes all day long and his favorite part is eating lunch at school. Each night we have to look at the calendar and see what his options are for the next day, then we talk about it all night long.

Last, but certainly not the days end we will have basement floors. Hip, hip, hooray!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Havin' Some Family Fun...

Whew - it's Thursday and we maybe, just maybe are recovering from the weekend. We had a great weekend. More fun than we could imagine. But we also had 6 adults and 9kids 5 and under - Aunts, Uncles, In-laws, Brothers, Cousins, Nephews, Nieces, and Grandpa. It was crazy, chaotic, fun, and more sweat than anyone needs for the beginning of June. I must admit from my point of view....the kids won this time. We were ALL absolutely just exhausted come Monday AM and I was waving my white flag. Wouldn't trade it for the world and can't wait until the next time. Photo's aren't great, it's hard to get everyone in one place at one time. Our weekend adventures had us doing many cook outs, plenty of ice cream, a couple trips to the park, a nature walk to see water falls, picnics, and even took the crazy gang out to lunch in at a restaurant. Nice weekend had by all.