Friday, September 26, 2008

Catching Up!

First Day of school photo - Finally!

She loves her back pack!

Garage view of house....!

Kitchen Cabinets Installation.....aren't they great!

Where does the time go? Fall is here. WOW!

Catching UP!
Kids - School, going well. Jacob is doing better and better each and every day. He still asks every morning if he can stay home, but doesn't fight me on it when I say, 'no'. It's just amazaing how fast and how much he has learned in 6 short weeks. He empresses me more and more each day. Isabella is loving school this year. She asks everyday if it's her school day.

House - It's going great and looking like a house. I am getting more and more excited. Best part, we turned in our notice at Shangri-la so we are seeing and end to this journey. This week they put in the wood floors, worked on cabinets, trim work, and doors. I am having so much fun watch it come together.

US - We are busy just trying to keep up with kids, house, school, work, election information, and our economy. We are doing well and just livin' life.

Happy Fall!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

What is your favorite exterior house color?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, where do we start, it’s been a while. What’s going on?

School, work, travel, colds, flu, dance, karate, gymnastics, house, and just living life is what’s going on in our little piece of the world.

I think right now, I just want to state…..I LIKED SUMMER BETTER!

Well, school has started as you know; day one was a success…..not day two and so forth. Apparently, I was a bit over confident. We have received no less than three phone calls from the teacher, a personal phone call from the counselor at school, and about half a dozen email exchanges or so. You see, we get up in the mornings and start the moaning and groaning right off….’I don’t want to go to school’, and it just keeps going. However, somehow, we do manage to get out of bed, get dressed, eat breakfast and out the door. Then the tears begin all over again at the actual bus stop. In fact, most everyday we put Jacob on the bus in tears or whining. Then he gets to school and tears up for a couple of minutes and then it stops and the day gets better. I guess it’s just getting used to a routine, something new, and a lot of tough learning along the way. So, as for the first three weeks of kindergarten for Jacob….I am chalking it up as….WE SURVIVED! WE are looking for a better attitude in hopes of not looking for ‘survival’ the entire school year. I have faith and IT WILL get better if it kills me. BTW, did you know in Kindergarten there is homework….., which btw again, Jacob loves that part of the day.

Isabella has not started school yet. It started this week, but with out us. I have had the stomach flu for almost three days now. She had it for about 24 hours, but can’t seem to shake the fever. Therefore, I opted to keep her home until she is better and not to get anyone else sick. So, we are hoping to start school next week. She is very much looking forward to it, as she has a friend in class that she just loves.

Gymnastics and Karate did start this week. Both the kids are taking gymnastics this fall, Isabella is enrolled in dance (which starts next week), and Jacob is enrolled in Karate also. Robb did the car pooling this week, since I was sick, so no photos – just one exhausted dad from taking on both rolls.

Isabella did take a dance class over the summer at our local community center. She loved it. She had another friend in there that she loves and they had fun. They had a small recital last week in their last class, but unfortunately Isabella wouldn’t stand still long enough to get a good photo.

House update, it’s coming along nicely. Our move in date has been pushed back a bit, but we kind of expected it. We are looking at the end of November of so….therefore, we will be spending a bit more time in Shangri-La. The house is up, framed, front porch poured, garage doors on, and temporary front door locked. The rough electrical, plumbing, insulation and drywall are in. In fact, Friday when we were there, it was framed, by Sunday it’s all sheet rocked. So, it should start looking like a house inside real soon. We have been busy picking out the interior items for the house. I love this part. We have finalized our cabinets, doors, pulls, and knobs, door knobs, counter tops, exterior paint colors, stain colors, and more that I can’t think of right now. We still have a lot to do, but it’s coming along nicely. Will keep you posted as it changes.

Other than that, we are enjoying the heated evenings of political information, doing homework, and preparing for the next day. So, for now, we hope all is well with you and Thanks for stopping by.