Monday, May 18, 2009

More going on's to report...

School is almost out and the Teacher’s are ready to let the Monkey’s out. I am “one of those mom’s” who loves summer vacation. I know, I know, give me a week or two and I will be asking when does school start up again, but I love the thought of now having every minute of our day planned and actually having a day off or two during the week. 3 ½ days left and Jacob will be officially a first grader and Isabella will be a pre-K student. WOW! Time has gone by fast.

Speaking of time, it’s been a while blog and I have photos to prove it. That’s how I will continue with this post – a photo essay of the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Since I last posted Jacob turned 6. It’s hard for me to believe that he is already 6years old. Time flies by so quickly. What a year we have had. He started Kindergarten not knowing the entire alphabet, now he is reading to us at night, plays sports, has sleep-over’s, and this summer has a goal to learn how to ride his bike with only ‘two wheels’.

We celebrated his birthday at home with our family and of course with cake, ice cream, presents, and dinner of his choice. He wanted to go out to eat this year and picked ‘Olive Garden’. Isabella insisted on making his favorite cake which according to her was chocolate cake, white frosting, with strawberries – so I obliged. He also wrote a birthday book at school and had to read it to all of us before opening presents. It such a great feeling hearing your child read.

Then over the weekend we picked up some of his friends (6) and went bowling and out for pizza. It was a lot of fun. The kids were great and Jacob had so much fun. Parents, I recommend doing this…it was little work, didn’t have to clean my house, the boys all stayed busy, and seemed to have a great time. Then at bed time took them all home exhausted and ready for bed.

Jacob has also started baseball. He is on a great team of boys which most of from his class at school. The coaches are wonderful (Robb is one of them) and we are now eating, sleeping, and drinking baseball. In fact have a few major league games planned to attend over summer vacation.

Sports, Sports, and more Sports for our house. Soccer is going great. It’s so much fun and again, we got in with a great organization. It’s on Saturday mornings and they have practice first and then play a game with three on three. I really should tape a game because she is so small out there, she laterally has to get behind the entire ball and put her entire body behind it just to kick it. We couldn’t even buy matching cleats, shin guards, and shorts with her team because they didn’t carry her size this year. So we made do with what we found and she doesn’t seem to mind at all. It is so fun to watch. She calls it her ‘baseball practice and game’ like her big brother.

Jacob also finished his Kindergarten school year with a musical performance at school. They did a production of the Little Red Hen where he played a seed. I think he was the best seed it. Cute, cute, cute and I still hear him from to time sing some of the songs.

On May 9 we celebrated our Metcha Day. This is the day that Isabella was placed in our arms and we met for the first time. It’s hard to believe it’s been three years. She has changed so much over this time and turning into a wonderful, funny, beautiful, smart, little girl. We are so lucky.





Jacob has been working hard in Karate and tested a couple of weeks ago for another belt color. He did it. Last week we were at the exhibition/ceremony and he was handed a green belt. He started off with white, then earned a yellow belt, and now up to green. He loves karate and wants to continue working on his craft.

Then our last thing we have done and been up to is Isabella had a dance performance this past weekend. She has been involved in a tap/ballet class since last September and this was her year end performance. All the girls looked so cute and had so much fun. Isabella has made many friends and we look forward to next season. It was truly an honor to see them dance and how they have worked so hard through-out the school year.

Other than that, we are just preparing our summer plans, keeping up with our activities, continue to unpack and take care of our house, and enjoying our time we have together.