Friday, March 28, 2008

F-O-R-T-Y Years ago today...


• LBJ announced he would not seek re-election
• Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated
• Supreme Court Chief Justice earl Warren resigned
• Richard Nixon said he had a secret plan to end the war
• Apollo 8 was first to televise from far side of the moon
• Sirhan Sirhan shot and killed Robert Kennedy
• U.S., Britain, and 60 other nations’ signed Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty
• Antiwar protesters descended on Democratic Party’s convention in Chicago
• North Korean gunboats seized the U.S.S. Pueblo
• Top Movies – 2001: A Space Odyssey, Yellow Submarine, Planet of the Apes
• Tip Tunes – Judy in Disguise, Green Tambourine, Love is Blue, Hey Jude
• Cost of a gallon of gas - $.34
• Cost of a First Class Stamp - $.06
• Cost of a gallon of milk – $1.22
• Cost of a New Ford - $3,201.00
• Cost of a New Home - $24,700.00
• Average Income - $8,633.00

DRUM ROLL PLEASE……………………………..


Robb was born – March 28th.

Happy 40th Birthday Honey!

You are a wonderful best friend, and fantastic husband, and the best father in the world.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day, Spring, and Easter...

Hello - Hello - Hello!


I don't know where life is going and why we can't seem to blog more...but we aren't.

So, for all of you we missed....Happy St. Patrick's Day, Happy Spring, and Happy Easter.

The kids are doing great. We had a long, long, winter full of wet messy snow. However, they were filled with snow days, playing in the snow, and lots of hot chocolate was had. School is going great for everyone and on days off they are mad that we aren't rushing around in the mornings like crazy people. We partook in some great Irish Corn beef and potatoes. We have worn our sunglasses and taken some walks as well as got out the bikes from storage. We have seen the Easter Bunny, hunted for eggs, dyed eggs, fed him carrots as we waited from him to deliver Easter baskets and even have taken in a movie to two.

Jacob finished basketball in February and we took the month of March off. He starts playing Soccer in April and that will take right into swimming season. He continues to love construction things, worker guys, and most all things boy. Lately it's been fact, he is turning 5 at the end of April and he wants to have a Pirate birthday party. Lucky for him we won't be in our house and the apartment doesn't accommodate room for 10-15 kids, we have booked out local gymnastics place for the perfect treasure hunt along with trampolines, rope swings, parallel bars, and the foam block pit. If you near hear May 3, come one's in the evening and we are having a pizza party, then off to play.

Isabella is doing great. She is really talking up a storm. ALL THE TIME. We don't understand most things....but this girl can talk. Whew, we remind her to take a breathe every now and then. She has continued being the class clown in gymnastics and loves it. She is a dare devil and will do anything once. She has made some new friends at school, and in fact I think they have already been separated at nap time as they have decided they aren't going to nap and disturb the class instead.

Robb is busy with work, out of town a lot, so I guess people are buying wine. I am working some out of the house and really enjoying it. It's a bit of challenge juggling everyone here and getting somewhere on time, but once I am there, I turn off the 'mom' button and try to put on my 'thinking cap' and work.

As far as the house front is going. No hole in the ground yet, but we are really, really, close. We love the house plans them self and really can't wait to start making some progress. If all goes well, it will have been worth the wait.

So, for now....we wish you a wonderful Spring filled with sunshine and fun.