Monday, October 16, 2006

So, what do you do on a cold wet rainy day in the Midwest with a three year old who is climbing the walls and potty training? Answer below.

Well today was such a day here and for those of you, who know me, know I have a love/hate relationship with the television. Love to watch really good movies/shows, but hate for my kids to be in front of it all day long. Don’t get me started about Robb, when it’s on…there isn’t another thing in the world, but the television. Therefore, in our house if you are a child, TV time is limited and mom is most likely running around turning them off and hiding remote controls.

It’s no secret that potty training is about to send me over the edge and this weekend was no exception. Robb was out of town again this weekend, so we were looking at about day 14 of no breaks for mom. Therefore, we spent as much time at home and if you are potty training in this house you were in your underwear all weekend. We were doing pretty well, so I decided to up the ante a bit and allow some TV time with the next ‘potty duty’. IT WORKED!

So, it came time to pick what we were going to watch…Jacob chose a Garth Brooks DVD that we got last Christmas. For some reason to Jacob this particular DVD can only be played in the kitchen because that is where he thinks he has a ‘better stage’. So we gathered the drum, the guitar, kid in underwear and off we went to play Garth Brooks on the ‘better stage’. It’s a DVD of him talking about his songs, and then he plays the songs. Some of the songs are videos and others are actual concert footage. Jacob talks to the crowds, while playing the guitar, and runs around just like Garth Brooks. Meanwhile, my job is to keep Isabella off the stage and explaining to him that Garth Brooks has a lot of money so he can throw down his guitar and smash it and we can not.

It was a normal ‘pretend’ play day at our house. This is usual routine when we play Garth Brooks DVD. However, today, Jacob noticed that Garth didn’t have a microphone that he sings in or holds in his hands; he had an ear piece microphone. Oh no, I knew I was in trouble when he asked about it. There go all our potty efforts of the day. He also asked if he could have a fiddle (violin) for Christmas and what could he use now to play one. That’s what they do after all on the Garth Brooks DVD. So, as I was keeping Isabella off the stage, I was also scurrying around the house finding an ear piece micro phone and a fiddle, aluminum foil – NO – Plastic wrap – NO – how about the broom – NO WAY!

Thanks the good lord this three year old has an active imagination because my efforts paid off. We used a pipe cleaner for the microphone on his ear, a wooden spoon as the fiddle, and a chop stick as the bow. All was right again in our concert world and the show went on.

This should explain the photo above. So, lesson for today…be careful what you bribe your children with and the TV is a monster sucking you into their world.

We had a fun day and hope you have one as well.


Robb, Angela, Jacob, and Isabella

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friends and Family,

Whew! The life and times at our house is busy, crazy, and some would say chaotic, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Since our last post, we have visited the pumpkin patch twice, started swim lessons, Jacob began a new school, celebrated the Moon Festival -, attended the American Royal BBQ where Robb’s team that he help bring together placed 340 out of 486, and still potty training (my least favorite parenting thing thus far). Wow, it’s been a fun, hair pulling month.

Jacob is doing fantastic. He has jumped off the diving board two separate occasions during swim lessons and even helped a little boy who was too scared to make the jump. Success! He has begun pre-school and rides the bus each day. He doesn’t talk too much about it (kind of like his dad), but tells me the Strawberry milk is ‘very tasty’.

Jacob has now begun to ask questions that I can no longer answer in five words or less and ‘because’ is something I swear I would never use, but find myself wanting to say it. He is not a genius, just a normal three year old who is a thinker and started asking everything that comes to mind. For instance, why can we feed the ducks at the pumpkin patch that are in the cage, but can’t feed the one’s running around…why does the sun and/or moon follow us where ever we go, and my favorite, why do our eyes have to be closed when we sleep? He also has an unbelievable imagination and is a sponge (watch out, things come back to haunt you). We play pretend all the time; lately it’s been ‘traffic director police guy’. He has a whistle and runs around the house using his hands, blowing the whistle, directing the pretend traffic. It’s fun, unless you have to stop because it’s not your turn, kind of puts a damper when your arms are full of laundry.

Speaking of pretend, did you know that even playing pretend ‘construction’ you can hand the worker the wrong kind of nails and have to go to ‘pretend’ Home Depot for the correct ones? Who knew?

Isabella has taken her first steps. She is like a drunken sailor trying to walk; it’s very cute and funny. Jacob has taught her to copy the faces that he is making, and to giggle when anyone belches and so forth. She is happiest when eating, it seems to be the time you can get the most smiles from her and she eats more than her three year old brother. I have forgotten how much I love this stage. She also has learned that when you empty the toy box drawers she will fit inside them nicely. It’s one of her favorite things to do right now.

As for Robb and I, we are doing well. Robb continues to work hard at his job and enjoys drinking wine, watching and attending football games and of course sharing his time with us. He has turned our son into a Bronco’s fan. YUCK! They run around the house yelling, ‘First Down – Bronco’s!’
I am not up to anything new but keeping our family in order and trying to sneak a free moment or two for myself every now and then. I also am spending time taking Robb around to houses, trying to convince him we need to move. No reason really, just ready for a change and growing a bit out of our current digs. Therefore, if you no anyone who is looking for a cute/charming three bedroom home in the burbs in the Midwest, please contact us. Oh, I guess the cute and charming will be moving with us, but none the less, it’s a very nice home and I would love to sell it. So, for now, I spend time making lists, trying to finish projects on the house in order to sell it, and dream about our dream home. Ironically, it’s less than a mile away from our current home.

We would love to hear from you, so please let us know how you are doing.

Enjoy the fall, take time to view the color changes, and go to your local store pick up a pumpkin and carve it. It’s fun!

Robb, Angela, Jacob, and Isabella