Friday, November 02, 2007

Boo Halloween!

Whew – We recovered from the Halloween festivities and October itself. Seemed like it as a busy crazy month with all the events of work, school, Robb’s travel schedule, activities, house hunting and a big finish with Halloween.

We had a blast. Couldn’t ask for more perfect whether for this time of year, 65 and low wind. We spent the evening with family and meeting some new friends having dinner and then of course, Trick or Treating.

Jacob enjoyed Halloween like no other this year. His costume was a Police Officer, but it was more than a costume. It was a character….one that he took very seriously and took on the responsibility of directing traffic and directing the kids. He was such a big boy this year, he insisted on going up to each house alone this year.

Isabella was a Good Witch this year. She had a lot fun and thought she looked ‘pretty’ as she danced around the room telling us all. She also was in character for the night as well. If you asked her, ‘what do witches say’…she would reply in a crackly fast paced voice…’I’ll get you my pretty’. She also figured out just how to get ahead of her big brother. She would ask Robb to carry her by saying, ‘up daddy’. He would pick her up and walk with her to the doorway of each house. She would then say the magic words, and would insist that the person answer the door didn’t pick her treat, but she wanted to pick it. Once she got to put her hands into said treat area, she would smile at them and then take two of them. She would then reply politely, ‘thank you’…and turn to daddy and say “up daddy’. So, she got carried for the most part from house to house and doubled her take from her big brother.

The kids weren’t the only one in character for the night, Robb also go into the action and dressed up along with the kids. He went out dressed as a Cat Burglar. He was dressed in all black, including a stocking cap and flashlight and was a burglar to go along with the Police Officer for the night. Then I drew some whiskers on his face so that he could be the black cat that every little Witch needs….hence, Cat Burglar. He is a great daddy and the kids loved, loved his costume.

We had a wonderful night with family, friends, dinner, pumpkin carving, and treats…but the night did not end with out a ‘trick’. As we left the festivities from one location to another to visit some old neighbors, I (yes it was all ME – only because I failed to mention that along with family, friends, kids, and Trick or Treaters….we had a 'Beer Wagon' for all the dads following us in tow – therefore, I had to drive), turned a corner and hit the right rear tire in Robb’s truck against a curb. Therefore, after the huge bump in the night…the tire went flat (I completely destroyed it). So, Robb dressed as the Cat Burglar, was lying on the ground on Halloween night in the dark of it all changing a tire. Therefore, we missed a visit to our old neighbors. Sorry, but it was a school night and everyone was tired and wanted some candy, maybe next year.

All in all it was a wonderful, exciting evening had by all.