Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer is here and the time is right.....

WOWSA - it's been over a month since our last post. Where is the time going? Seems like it's slower than snails this week, but when I look back at photos over the past several weeks, seems like it has whirled by.

Where to start, where to start. Well, we left off with the ending of the school year, baseball, soccer, karate, and final dance performances....that seems like so long ago.

Since then we have started summer school (which btw, is almost over), played so much fun baseball, baseball pool party, had a birthday, a birthday party, went to professional baseball game, visited with friends, had friends over, and planned the rest of the summer....can we say slumber parties, vacation bible school, vacation, holiday with lots of sparklers, cousins, karate, soccer and swimming.

So, kindergarten ended with a know becoming a first grader is a big deal. Apparently you run faster, eat more, have a later recess and get to bring your very own snack each and every day. Jacob started first grade summer school and is diggin' it. It's such a great program. They have a home room that they go to each morning and learn a different topic each week, then after lunch they go to three different electives for the afternoon and switch after two weeks time. The electives Jacob chose this year were Get Movin, Tech Treasures, Super Summer Science, Spectacular Sports, Music Mania and Got Games. He has at least one friend in each one of his classes, so it's just one large play date for him. I am going to be sad to see it end, but must admit...happy that we won't have to get up and movin' each day so early. Summers are hard, stay up late....get up early, makes for some grouchy kiddos each day.

Baseball has ended for the summer - Jacob was the ball player, Robb helped coach the team, I was the scorekeeper, and on occasion Isabella was the bat girl. I am so proud of this team and Jacob. We started the season at our house not knowing that you put your glove down to bat and ended playing the catcher position and lovin' it and becoming a pretty good hitter. Although next season he has told us he wants to play pitcher. The season actually ended last week, then we had a season ending tournament to fight for the championship. It was an elimination of the best of three games, so when you lost you were done. We played a game on Saturday and won so we advanced to the next game, which was played on Monday night in 100 degree weather. It was one of the best baseball games I have ever been to - professional or other wise. It was intense and the boys were having so much fun. I think the parents were biting their nails and pacing back and forth (at least the 100 times they asked me the score). You see, we played a team that has been undefeated this season and been together for 3 years, has all the best equipment and wares, and has no less than 7 coaches. Yep, three years. Mind you, this is our first real season and at times looked liked the Bad News Bears, and most of the boys on the team were in the same shoes. Some of us didn't know how to hold a bat when we started in April. I also have to add, when we played them the first time this season we didn't score one point against them and they scored 10. Well, these boys dug down deep and played with all heart. They played an exceptional game. They kept this team on their toes, went into extra innings because of the need to break a tie, played an extra 30 minutes into the next games time, and only lost by 1 point. Final score
12-13 - them. IT ROCKED! Actually was told by the other's team coach, we were the best team they were up against this season and they were sweatin' it out. Wait til' next year, we are only going to improve. Did I mention, I love baseball, especially at this age, because they love it. Jacob loves it so much, we play a lot of 'pretend' baseball inside the house. We even attended a professional game and have plans to hit another professional game on vacation.

Karate is going great and still continuing on. We have taken our summer activities to one per child until the fall. We all need a break in this house and wanted time to swim, take out the boat, and just have some fun around the house and with friends.

Isabella turned 4, had a birthday party and is learning to ride a bike. She invited 10 of her closest friends over for a chef/cooking party. We cooked our hearts out. The girls came over for lunch and helped prepare a healthy fun kid friendly lunch, while making it a little fun playing some games. It was great. The kids did so well and actually ate their lunch and couldn't wait to decorate their cakes. I must say, I would do this again in a heart beat. She has also been a great cheerleader and bat girl for Jacob's team and I think enjoyed going out to the park as much as we have. She also is swimming like a fish, she can stay right up with the boys when she is in the water. In fact, it's hard to get her out of the water.

Other than that, we are just livin' life, attempting to stay cool, and gearing up for vacation next week. Until next time, enjoy yourself, get your sweat on, and go outside and play.

Last Day of Kindergarten for Jacob.

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