Sunday, August 19, 2007

17 Years Later

17 Years ago last night we had one of the hottest days this city had seen in 10 years and I married my lover, my best friend, my soul mate. Today we celebrated with family and friends. I just would never have thought that our lives would turn this way; I didn't think I could possibly have dreamed this big. Traveled the world with my best friend, experienced new and exciting things, seen the best and most certainly the worst of one another, have two beautiful children and have grown up together. Life is good and looking forward to the next 17 years.

We spent our anniversary evening at the Ethnic Enrichment Food Festival with friends and family. It was great. We tried a variety of foods from many different nations (Ethiopia being may favorite), had a nice picnic with friends, and the kids played until we had to be rolled out of there.

I couldn't have planned last night or the past 17 years any better if I wrote the book myself.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

First Day of School!

Today was the first day of school. The first day of Pre-K for Jacob. He is such a brave little boy. So many changes in his life...first we sell the only place he knew as home, then we move into an apartment, we spend our spare time looking for a new place to hang our hat, new school, new teacher, and all new friends. I can't beleive how adaptable children can be. They both amaze me on a daily basis.

Jacob woke up first thing this morning, giddy. He wanted to get ready for 'work' and sit down at the table and have 'coffee' with dad. I of course was instructed to stay in bed, becuase it was just to early for the girls and the boys had to go to work early. So, I obliged for about 10 minutes....why couldn't have been Saturday...I would have taken complete advantage of the situation. But today, no way was I going to miss him getting on the bus.

I was also told that since he is a 'big boy' he now gets to pick out his own clothes. So, again, I obliged....not what I would have chosen for the first day of school, but again, so many changes...I wansn't messing with anything. He wanted to go and that is all we cared about.

He got on the bus and road away. It was magic. I then of course was giddy (fell this short of doing a jig) only one child left at home for a few hours....what do I do. Isabella and I were meeting up with some other moms who sent their kiddos off to school to. We had a 'First Day of School' breakfast date then some school clothes shopping. It was nice. It has been a great summer, but very hot and long, so having only one child to deal with was nice. The girls played, the moms shopped....all ended to quickly, we had to get home and wait for the bus, make lunches, then naps.

Therefore, we survived the first day of school, and we are looking forward to tomorrows school day.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Relaxing Weekend Away from Home!

Wooooooooo Whoooooooooo! Coming off of one of the greatest weekends EVER! This weekend, I had the wonderful chance to get away with my girlfriends. Just a few short hours from home, responsibility, and nothing but some scrapbooking, girl fun, pampering, food, laughter, and late nights.

I just spent 55 glorious hours at a Bed and Breakfast, Spa with 11 other woman and I think I managed to sleep only 10 hours the entire weekend. It was worth every waking moment. Walks through the country side trails, spa treatments, pool playing, gourmet meals (that I did not cook myself), even some hammock resting, all in a cute, cozy, rustic, little country B&B setting with a full working spa onsite. Seriously, what more could you ask for? We won prizes, played games, told funny stories about ourselves, got creative, got messy, scrap-booked a little, ate a lot, and became one with nature.

I had such a great time, was surrounded with such talented, nice, caring woman with absolutely NO DRAMA, no classes, no schedule, all fun, all laughter, late nights in our PJ’s filled with giggles, and pure joy. Truly, it was magical how everyone enjoyed themselves and enjoyed each other’s company and got along.

Worth every second, every penny, and I can’t wait to join the ladies again early spring. It’s a date girls, I will be there and thanks for the wonderful time.

It’s something I recommend to everyone…take a step out of the norm, get away from home, the family, and do something you like with people you enjoy, learn more about them, be nice, no pettty chatting behind backs, no meaness, no blaming, and let your hair down and have fun. People are really nice when you get to know them, and they have exciting lives when you get a chance to hear their story and why they are them. Anywhere will do, but I recommend you doing something you are passionate about, something you enjoy and do it away from home and away from everyday life, be adventurous, and do something new.

Meanwhile, the family stayed home, had fun, went swimming, went birthday partying, ate out, and enjoyed each other’s company with out mom around.

All is well with apartment living, everyone is rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready to take on the rest of the hot days of summer.