Monday, November 30, 2009

What happended to November?

Well - November has come and is almost gone. Happy Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful weekend filled with family and friends.

We started off with Robb's brother from Michigan joining us here at our house. So, all four of the brothers were together, but most importantly all 9 of the cousins were together. It had been since June 208 since that happened. It was fun and at many times, the kids out numbered the adults. But I must add....Adults 1 - Kids 0!

Thanksgiving morning I ran a 5k and hit my fastest time ever - best part....ran the entire race! Last time that will happen, but it sure felt good Thanksgiving day. I also had the pleasure of running with my two Sister-in-laws and a couple friends. Really is a great way to start off the day, see that on my list of 'to do's' for next year.

We hosted the holiday's main meal.....with having 25 people over. Now, remember 9 of them were kids. However, we were smart enough to set another table in another room for them. Great food, better company. Heard stories of yesterday and plans for the future. The ages at our tables ranged from 86 - 2, with everyone in between.

Had a girl cousin sleepover and might I add, we rocked Hungry Hippo for the entire night! Understand that at the boy sleepover Nerf Wars took place and the boys won.

We also attended a Birthday party completed with cake, ice cream, lots of wine, and a balloon dude to entertain the kids. I think I also remember grandpa passing out gold coins if you could figure out his trick.

The holiday was great and felt good kicking off the holiday season. Bring it on my friend....we are ready!