Monday, October 05, 2009

Really? It's been that long....WOW!

Dear poor, neglected, blog....(which really means we are really diggin' life and so busy that we don't update...or we have dropped from the earth - I will go with the first scenario),

We really are here....and just pluggin' away with life. It's groovin' well, not like the well oiled machine I would like to see, but can't or rather won't complain. Could be know, no friends, no family, no events happening, and so forth. So, here we are....about 6 weeks after our last post and still really not much to report.

Robb - doing great. Pluggin' away at work as usual and traveling a lot. Diggin' being a home owner and of course revolves his weekends around cutting the grass. I kid you not about this one....he really does. He has taken his boat a couple of times this year and I think maybe even squeezed in a golf game. This past weekend was the American Royal BBQ Contest (considered the world series of BBQ)and his company hosted two dinners and had 6 teams participate in the contest. This was his first year actually competing with a team, and they did well; considering their were 486 entrants. Most of all, I think he had fun. He has also decided to be the Den Leader for Jacob's Tiger Cub Scouts group. He has 12 little boys he is charge of and I might add...looks pretty cute in his tan button up shirt.

Robb Gettin' his Q on making dinner for his teams and their guests.

Me - Hmmmmm, what can I say about me...that's always a tough one. Not to good at talking about myself. I have taken the roll in our family right now as pilot and in charge of just keeping everyone else on course; albeit necessary. Even though I am busy every minute of the most every day, having to sum it up in words seems a bit on the boring side. I have also taken charge of our families nutrition, health, and fitness. Figured if I do it everyone will go kicking and screaming, but really have no choice. It's been good. We are by far eating so much better than ever before, saving our monies from eating out, and we get out and move more. I am in love with my time at the gym and getting ready to run my third 5K race this year next Saturday. Now, you must know this about me....I hate running (and let me add, running these races is really stretching the definition of running, it's more like run, hop, skip, walk, and only goals are to finish)'s something I don't really enjoy, but love the challenge and have a great group of friends who are pushing me. I promise you when I see you running/jogging on the side of the road no matter what size and shape you are....I clap for you. I have such an admiration for you runners. It's one of the hardest things I can honestly say I have ever done. Other than that, I have managed to get a few more boxes unpacked and organized...but not completely done. We will get there someday, but in no rush...besides what will I do after I am done or what would I have to complain about?

Susan Koman Race for the Cure last August

Jacob - whew - this kids is busy, busy, growing and changing. He is doing great in first grade. He loves school, but hates the homework and let me say we have some every night of the week. He is still doing karate and loving that he gets to start using weapons and sparring. He is also playing soccer this season. He plays on a great team of (2) boys and (6) girls, so you can imagine the show off he has become. He also competed this past weekend in the American Royal BBQ. His age group grilled burgers. It was so cool - they even got to keep their grills. He didn't get in the top three, but he did walk away with a groovy ribbon and that made all the difference in the world. Already talking about next year.

School Project we had to work on.

Our two Q'rs leaving for the contest.

Isabella - Groovin' right into the pre-k. She has a particular fondness for a certain teacher and she even mimics her at home. It is cute and this teacher is someone we all would want to mimic. She is an angel. Isabella has started dance for the season at a new studio and diggin' it with her friends. She has also started karate. The uniform and belt are bigger than she is, but she is karate chopping everything in the house. It's great. She is just blossomed over the summer and has the funniest disposition.

We do dress ourselves now and choose our own clothes; accessories and all.

This girl as NO fear.

Until next time blog...I promise to update more often and take more photos.