Monday, October 12, 2009

Grandma's Visit...(weekend)

Had a great visit with Grandma this past weekend. Kids spoiled, little sleep, lots of giggles, fun, and can't wait until the next time.

Thursday - Grandma's arrival day, pizza party, cousins, uncles, aunts, and some fun on a school night.

Friday - School, dance class, dinner party, more cousins, uncles, aunts, along with Grannie.

Saturday - I ran a 5K - IT ROCKED! Best time ever - still slow to most, but for freezing out butts running partner and I kicked it out. Even had a cheering section at the finish line of grandma, dad, and kiddos. Soccer, brunch with friends, a little shopping, had a sitter for all kid and cousins, so grandma, aunts, and uncles could go have an adult night. Great meal, great wine, and even better company.

Sunday - FOOTBALL! Dinner here, cousin, aunts, uncles, and granny. A little pumpkin decorating, and the best part......several months ago, Grandpa made these canvas's for me (stole the idea from Robb's brother who surprised his wife with orignal works of art for Christmas) so we could paint on them and hang them in our new house. Well, Grandma (resident artist) helped me get my butt in gear and get on this project. Not only did they start it....but also finished. Grandma, Jacob, and Isabella retrieved to the garage for the after noon...had colors picked out, looked thru Chinese art books we had, and a painting they went. Jacob did the pagoda, Isabella did the bamboo, and Grandma finished it up with the boat. The end result is absolutely fantastic. Can't wait to get them on the wall.

Great weekend...and workin' for the next one.